The future health cause will be the cause of universal participation

A variety of chronic diseases, in the next decade to the explosive rate, the rapid spread to every family.

Reform and opening up more than 30 years, China's economic progress is beyond doubt, every Chinese citizens are glad to live in a good time. However, there must be a loss, every benefit behind, always pay the corresponding price, and once the price related to life, then it will cause great regret.

Thirty years of environmental damage, has endangered the quality of life on every life on earth. When many animals are so endangered, many species gradually disappear, there are people holding chances, that will not turn to their own, that others will get sick, they will be lucky, it is very stupid The. Air pollution, not only let us see the blue sky, but also with the decoration pollution, into the tens of thousands of households.

Today, people are living in five to ten years into the new home, the decoration materials used in the past decade, containing a lot of volatile matter, formaldehyde, toluene, carbon monoxide, and high-risk carcinogens radon (from marble, flowers Stone, concrete release, the entire release cycle of 15 years, equal to fifteen years of continuous inhalation of each family members of the body.

People with adventurous spirit, with luck. These pollutants, in the short term only cause asthma, bronchitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, but after more than a decade of accumulation, can lead to lung cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer, especially childhood leukemia.

Some of the mall floor with marble, surrounded by dense ventilation, people coming and going. Shopkeepers look at the thriving business, laughing eyes ... ... However, people who work inside, the future will be destined to suffer from cancer or the same level of disease, they earned the money in recent years, will all donate to the hospital.

Those who have long been in the leather city to sell shoes, leather goods, those who work long in the underground mall, those who live in the villa, covered with marble, granite people, if you do not know how to protect themselves, their Suffering will break out in ten years.

At the same time, this more than 30 years more people make a great change in the way of life. The survey found that those who are rich in longevity, are remote mountainous areas, their biggest feature is no hospital, medical facilities behind. While the hospital, to some extent, is more suitable for the treatment of acute diseases rather than chronic diseases.

Today, more and more medical institutions, people's attention to health evolved into more physical examination. The results of physical examination, did not play the role of prevention of disease, but the patient into the hospital in advance, early surgery, early medication. A variety of health management agencies, has become a hospital partner for the hospital to bring more business.

Nearly thirty years, people almost eat only fine rice, and even some of the junk food as a staple food. And more than 30 years ago, most families because of food supply problems can only be sweet potatoes, pumpkin, potatoes, taro as the staple food. So, more than 30 years ago, few people have bowel cancer, and few people have diabetes.

Now the children almost can not eat sweet potatoes, pumpkin to do the staple food, but not the beans, wheat, oats, corn, black rice as the staple food habits. Most of these Chinese people eat food more than 30 years ago, but now it has become an occasional snack.

Finished biscuits, bread, bread, rice noodles, noodles, rice has become the theme of the family table. People eat fruit, vegetables are few, or do not eat at all. Coupled with the current fruits and vegetables to reduce the nutritional content, resulting in the life of the various trace elements are extremely lacking. In this way, once the disease will be completely dependent on the suppression of the symptoms of drugs, and can not improve the immune system to improve health.

People either do not exercise, or too exercise. Chinese people even the traditional martial arts are rarely involved, it is the best way to exercise, is the best use of nature for nature.

Psychological stress, distortion of the mind, it is more than 30 years accumulated risks.High-rise buildings are not the progress of civilization, but between the battle of infighting, for money, rights, desire, between each other less and less sincere.

Those who at all means "successful" people, has become a model for people to learn. Humiliating soul struggling in the body, which triggered a series of hidden in the body of the contradiction, like a time bomb. Because of the lack of spiritual release of the way and place, people like ghosts like haunts in the bar, nightclubs, sauna to find the place to vent.

The government is facing the problem of health care reform, far from drug prices can be resolved.Today, the doctor's counseling costs are raised, the purpose is to improve the doctor's income, reduce the abuse of drugs. The question is, after the doctor asked about the increase in medical expenses, what? If the doctor is still limited to the use of drugs, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy as a treatment, then these chronic diseases simply can not have improved, as the doctor's own conclusion: "The disease, the current cause is not very clear, there is no effective drugs, Can only control it. "

The key to restoring health is by no means dependent on drugs, nor by some kind of nutrition, but first of all depends on our love and respect for life. We help the patient the way the most important thing is to help them learn to let go of their own, but also let others, and then began to restore confidence in their own health, with this confidence, to be able to grasp the use of nutrition, food use and Movement with, as well as psychological adjustment.

The future of health, will be the cause of everyone needs. Really engaged in this area of everyone, will provide help for the community to become people's blessing. The new model is forming, becoming a supplement to traditional medicine and partially replacing. Now walk in front of the people, will be the protagonist of the future!

National Health Bureau has stressed and prepared to file for the next 5 to 10 years 60% of the drugs will gradually be off the shelf, replaced by health care products, the state is also increasing efforts to promote and promote national health awareness.

Internet giant Alibaba's Ma also repeatedly said that China will face three major cancer problems in the next five years:

First, lung cancer, because air pollution, home improvement pollution, after the lung cancer will gradually increase;

Second, gastric cancer, due to the serious pollution of China's urban water, drinking water quality problems will increase the prevalence of gastric cancer;

Third, liver cancer, because China is facing the biggest food safety risks, will lead to more people suffering from liver cancer.

These are not alarmist, but there are basis and real. Do not believe that we can go to the major hospitals to see how many people suffering from a variety of cancer is lying in pain or have to leave?

Celebrity Zhou Libo has ridiculed and said: "Today is not healthy, tomorrow you will raise a doctor, today is not health, tomorrow you go into the hospital."

Zhao Bengshan also once said: "health care money to be bold flowers, because it is the future of the flowers to the hospital money.

In fact, many people do not die from the disease, but died of ignorance, died without a good sense of health care and health concepts. How many celebrities died without the right health concept? They have some money, but the final outcome is dead, the money did not spend.

No money can not afford to suffer, most of the poor in China are used for the past 30 years in exchange for money, and in the next 30 years to spend money to buy orders. Many people in the last year of life spent photographed life savings, and some even debt. Because there is not a correct concept of health, the final outcome is: "the money did not, people have no", and some back to future generations left a huge debt.

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