Smart Dental Detector unanimously through the evaluation, into the Jingdong public raise "green channel"

On the afternoon of April 23, 2016, our first product, "Smart Dental Detector", was launched in Beijing, and the large-scale roadshow activities launched by the institutions such as Vanke and Rococo.

    "This is a caries early detection instrument, it can be at any time on the oral investigation, the plaque, calculus, early detection of dental caries to help users real-time control of oral health status. The product technology has been certified by the US FDA, Team and Kang Beijia oral chain hospital and other medical institutions to develop.

    Tall products with Dr. Wang (Division I Deputy General Manager) of the wonderful speech, won the live media and participants of the high degree of concern. "Where can I buy? How much money?" And other issues have been promised to keep the secret Luo Ya Guang small partners crazy! The The

    After a number of judges on the scene audit, Division I detective products unanimously adopted, successfully entered the Jingdong public "green channel."

   To the co-workers Union, to raise the Union Road Roadshow activities by the Jingdong and Luo cocoa joint Intel and other partners together for the creation of entrepreneurial community, the purpose is to create the best products and teams to become the most efficient Influential green channel, to create China's first entrepreneur community.

    On-site judges have the public to raise big coffee Jingdong public operation head Tang Shan Shan, Xiamen Vanke industry leader Cao Jingming, design award-winning people Xiamen Rococo general manager Lin Sui Kai, cocoa pine partner Zheng Xianmin and cocoa beans responsible person Deng Yulong

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