To build a "Light Health Center" with PKU

   Health is the eternal theme of mankind, from the height of modern philosophy to understand that people are open and complex giant system of life process, and the outside world constantly exchange of material, energy and information, and light material, energy and information carrier, The source of different combinations of light color on the human body mechanism is that people are in-depth discussion of the subject.
   Peking University Xiamen Innovation Research Institute to "light health" as the starting point, and Xiamen Luo Ya Guang Technology Co., Ltd. reached a co-building center, signed on October 10 in Xiamen to build "Peking University Xiamen Innovation Institute of light health research center" protocol. Light Health Research Center relying on the Peking University Xiamen Institute of Innovation and Peking University Innovation Research Institute and the Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation Institute of talent and talent advantages, combined with Luo Ya company light health product design and development capabilities, to carry out light health research and development and technical services.

    At present, the lighting requirements are mainly three aspects: functional requirements, decorative requirements and physical health and mental health requirements.
    Light healthIs a healthy use of artificial light source concept, emphasizing a reasonable, moderate, scientific lighting, to promote the construction of conservation, environmental protection, beneficial to the production, beautify the life of the lighting environment.

Light Health Research Center
Construction Content

Break through the traditional limitations of science and medicine, research optically coupled to the regulatory function of the human body complex giant system to create a Chinese population based on visual and mental and physical health knowledge test optical system, provide theoretical and technical support for the development of optical health industry.
Research light on the human physiological and psychological regulation of the mechanism of action, research and development of different functional light health products, equipment and services.
Cross-border integration of experts, personnel, projects and technical resources, build a "light health research platform" to carry out the system of light health research and exploration, technical exchanges and sharing, knowledge popularization and promotion.
Give full play to relying on the institutions of colleges and universities of experts, research, technology and results advantages, cross-border integration of resources and production factors, according to enterprise market demand, the implementation of scientific and technological achievements into,Light health industry agglomeration

    It is an important construction content of Xiamen Institute of Innovation and Research to promote the collaborative innovation of local production and research, hoping to help people to better understand the light health, scientific and reasonable way through the light health research center platform. To use artificial light, to create a low-carbon, environmentally friendly, healthy light environment.

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